Umo Capital as an Investor

Where is Umo Capital heading to?

Umo Capital Oy is a private investment company with a long-term investment horizon. We are committed to seek stable returns over each financial year and cycle, which in turn should preserve and foster the owners’ capital.

How does Umo Capital plan to get there?

Umo Capital is a mature yet opportunistic investor which pays considerable attention to Finland and the Nordic region. Umo Capital’s portfolio holds most asset classes, including private equity, real estate and hedge funds. Even though the focus is predominantly on the Nordic region, Umo Capital is globally diversified with non-Nordic assets within its portfolio.

Umo Capital strongly believes in a dynamic portfolio allocation, allowing it to be proactive, reactive and flexible according to market movements. A carefully determined investment philosophy, along with an understanding of fundamentals, as well as allocation guidelines, capture the principals of Umo Capital’s investment strategy.

What level of risk is Umo Capital willing to accept?

Umo Capital also believes in a dynamic portfolio allocation between asset classes. In the short-term, the variation in the equity and cash position is the key to mitigate risk as the greatest weight of the portfolio is in equities and equity related risk investments. Over the longer term Umo Capital have considerable confidence in its core holdings, which tend not to vary despite market volatility. The risk-return level is carefully determined between the investment team’s strategy and the shareholders’ objectives to create a mutual understanding of the investment opportunities in various market situations.

Umo Capital values

Expertise & market/product knowledge


Long-term commitment

Strong track record

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