A Finnish Family Office

Since its establishment in 1949 Umo Capital Oy, previously known as Ulkomarkkinat Oy, has been run as a family office based in Helsinki, Finland. Originally, the company's main businesses concentrated on importing machinery and equipment for the local meat-processing as well as other food-related industries. Subsequently, the product range was broadened, targeting smaller retailers as well as supermarkets. An essential development for the company's success has been its ability to make strategic decisions at the right time. The company is renowned for its excellent customer care and service.

Today Umo Capital operates under the management of the third generation of the original founders. As a family office Umo Capital has a professional team managing the fiduciary, trust & estate businesses as well as all other financial investments. Umo Capital invests in private equity and venture capital opportunities and reviews investments in all asset classes both in Finland and globally.

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